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What Are the Functions of Body Shaping Clothes? Do You Know so Many Effects

Body shaping clothes are a kind of clothes produced by many women in order to improve their figure. Although they can't achieve obvious weight loss effect, they can really lose a circle visually after wearing them. Therefore, they are loved by many women. Let's take a look at the main functions of body shaping clothes

What is the role of body shaping clothes

What Are the Functions of Body Shaping Clothes? Do You Know so Many Effects 1

1. Breast enhancement - it can prevent chest deformation

high elastic fabric and U-shaped chest support design can effectively pull and deform, expand and sag the chest. At the same time, it covers the auxiliary breast, holds high and focuses on breast enhancement and beauty

2. Stomach retraction - it can prevent overeating

the design of high waist and long style, combined with super elastic fiber, can instantly retract the protruding stomach and immediately perfect the curve. If you want to attend the party immediately without missing delicious food, it is undoubtedly the most ideal emergency essential

What Are the Functions of Body Shaping Clothes? Do You Know so Many Effects 2

3. Abdominal retraction - it can prevent the waist from becoming thicker

according to the test of ergonomics, medicine and aesthetics, women have more abdominal fat. Reasonable and scientific pressurized fabrics can more effectively improve the firmness of the skin, beautify the body, shape a slim and beautiful figure, compact the body, show a beautiful body, and show a sexy and charming woman

4. Warm palace - it can prevent low back pain

honeycomb weaving process, which has good air permeability and moisture absorption and creates microcirculation system. It feels warm and comfortable in those special days

5. Hip lifting - the hips can be rounded and upturned

the three-dimensional hip cup design guides the hip fat to the most ideal position. At the same time, the left and right sides of the hips shrink the outer meat inward with a strong pressure structure, and effectively tighten the fat of the hips, showing the rounded and upturned curve of the hips

6. Fat collection - the fabric also rubs fat and has the function of burning excess fat

the tightening band on the inner thigh can effectively tighten the loose meat on the inner thigh and make the thigh muscles tight and elastic

What are the benefits of wearing body shaping clothes

1: wearing body shaping clothes will naturally make you straighten your waist unconsciously because of its role in sculpting your body. Beauties might as well think about it. Do you stand taller in high heels than in flat shoes? Body shaping clothes also have a similar effect, which will make you hold your chest high and look up without hunchback. The whole person looks naturally energetic

2: it is getting hot in summer. If the body shaping clothes stick tightly to the body, it is equivalent to wearing a close fitting warm clothes inside, which will help to sweat. At present, many weight loss belts on the market take perspiration as an opportunity to lose weight? Therefore, at this level, body shaping clothes are still helpful to lose weight. Moreover, when the weather gets cold occasionally, even if you wear a short skirt outside, because of the warm effect of the body shaping clothes, you will feel very warm and won't catch a cold

tips for purchasing body shaping clothes

when purchasing body shaping underwear, you must go to the counter, ask the underwear consultant to measure the size of each circumference of the body on site (not across the coat), and select and try on different underwear according to your personal body shape characteristics until you choose the most suitable one. Therefore, whether the underwear consultant is professional or not plays a key role. You can't buy underwear with the last body measurement data, because the body is not invariable. You can't buy this brand of body shaping underwear with the body measurement data of that brand, because the measurement methods of body shaping underwear of different brands may be different, and the size settings of body shaping underwear are also different

are the side effects of body shaping clothes large?

research shows that more than 60% of gynecological inflammation is related to wearing body underwear. Most of the so-called body underwear are tight clothes made of strong elastic fiber materials or chemical fiber fabrics, which can shape the waist, close the abdomen and modify the leg lines. However, beauty underwear is often not easy to breathe and over bind the body, which is easy to cause dermatitis and bacterial reproduction, and induce gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammation after retrograde infection

gynecological experts explained that women's abdominal cavity has important organs such as uterus, ovary, intestine and stomach. Wearing body shaping underwear for a long time will restrict physical activity and tighten muscles, hinder abdominal blood circulation and visceral oxygen supply to a certain extent, lead to damage to uterus and ovary, cause urinary pain, frequent urination, dysuria, irregular menstruation, reduced gastrointestinal function, abdominal discomfort Easy to fatigue and other symptoms

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