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What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Caesarean Section? What Drugs Can You Take After Caesare

Many expectant mothers have difficulty giving birth because their baby is too big. For the sake of the safety of their mother and fetus, they can only choose caesarean section. But after caesarean section, an operation wound will be left on the abdomen. This wound is very deep, so it takes a long time to heal. What kind of body shaping clothes should a mother who wants to recover her figure after caesarean section wear

What body shaping clothes to wear after caesarean section

What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Caesarean Section? What Drugs Can You Take After Caesare 1

there are many women who have caesarean section. After giving birth to a child, their weight will increase and their belly will become soft. Therefore, women want to wear body shaping clothes to change their figure. In fact, if they recover well, they can wear body shaping clothes. Generally, you can wear it if you go to the hospital to recheck and confirm that all aspects of the uterus recover well. If the wound still has pain, you'd better not wear it first

after caesarean section, everyone's physique is different, and the time to recover is also different. Generally, it can be about a month. If you don't recover well, you can wear body shaping clothes, and the internal organs haven't returned, which will cause physical discomfort. It is recommended to go to the hospital for review when the uterus doesn't bleed, and follow the doctor's advice to wear body shaping clothes

body shaping clothes can make women's figure look good instantly, and women's stomach will become loose after giving birth. Wearing body shaping clothes can effectively maintain their figure, and it is also good for the recovery of caesarean section wounds. It can promote uterine contraction, fix muscles, reduce bleeding, and is also very good for the recovery of the body. To wear body shaping clothes after caesarean section, you should choose special body shaping clothes with good air permeability, comfort and good elasticity. Pregnant women can also reasonably match food, do not eat high calorie food, keep a balanced nutrition, maintain a figure, and exercise properly. Don't pay attention to the body for the sake of the figure

It is better to use abdominal band or body shaping clothes after delivery

it is not suitable to wear body shaping clothes too early after delivery. The body shaping clothes are too tight, which will have a certain pressure on the abdomen and affect the recovery of the body. Therefore, mothers should first use the abdominal band after childbirth, bind it on the third day of natural birth, and bind it on the first day of cesarean section. After a period of time, you are allowed to wear body shaping clothes, and then change into body shaping clothes. If you give birth naturally, you can wear body shaping clothes after 1 month, and you have to wait 6 months for caesarean section. Excluding other factors, from the perspective of slimming, body shaping clothes must be better than abdominal band

What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Caesarean Section? What Drugs Can You Take After Caesare 2

doctors usually let pregnant women wear abdominal bands after giving birth. In fact, the main purpose is not to lose weight, but to prevent visceral sagging. Because the postpartum maternal body is weak, the elasticity of ligaments in the body can not be restored immediately, and it is easy for visceral sagging. Therefore, it is best for postpartum mothers to properly wear their own abdominal band to help the body support internal organs and prevent internal sagging. In addition, it is suggested that pregnant women after caesarean section should wear abdominal band in order to stop bleeding and promote wound healing

caesarean section is very harmful to women's uterus, and a wound will be sewn on their stomach. Therefore, the use of abdominal band is best after the wound is healed, about more than ten days after delivery. Timely use of abdominal band can not only help the recovery of lumbar and abdominal muscles, but also prevent visceral sagging, prevent wound cracking, stop bleeding and promote wound healing

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