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What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Caesarean Section? What Drugs Can You Eat After Caesarea

We all know that many sick women in bed will lose their body shape after giving birth, which makes them lose their initial self-confidence, so plastic clothes came into being. However, caesarean section should pay more attention than natural birth. So what body shaping clothes do you wear after caesarean section? How long can I wear body shaping clothes for caesarean section? Let's have a look

What body shaping clothes do you wear after caesarean section

What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Caesarean Section? What Drugs Can You Eat After Caesarea 1

I think most pregnant women are most worried about postpartum weight loss. It is a good choice to use body shaping clothes after delivery. Postpartum body shaping clothing will inhibit the recovery of maternal body shape. After delivery, parturient women can inhibit the easy accumulation of fat and meat such as waist and hips, so as to delay the speed of postpartum weight gain. Combined with reasonable diet adjustment and physical exercise, the effect of postpartum plasticity is still very good

for mothers who have caesarean section, the best time to recover is six months after delivery, which is the best time to wear body shaping clothes. Because we have to wait for the caesarean section wound to heal, the consumed energy and endocrine function will put the body in a high metabolic state. After caesarean section wound healing, wearing body shaping clothes can effectively help the return of displaced viscera during pregnancy

body shaping clothes can only be used as a helper for temporary body shaping. One body shaping clothes can not be expected to solve all problems. When using body shaping clothes, pay attention to:

first, the tighter the tightening, the better the effect. What clothes to wear only fit is the best. If the bra is too tight, it will deform the breast, make the upper body difficult to breathe, and even cause "green blood disease"

What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Caesarean Section? What Drugs Can You Eat After Caesarea 2

Second, I feel my upper abdomen is very cramped after eating, which does not mean that the body shaping clothes are small. Wearing body shaping clothes can remind you to control your appetite. The sense of restraint at the waist can prevent you from eating too much every meal. 8 points should be the limit

How to choose body shaping clothes

body shaping clothes transfer the fat on the back, shoulders and armpits to the front chest to make the chest round and full. Through the design of the back and waist, the body is tall and straight and avoid chest, hunchback and gastroptosis. So how should pregnant women choose body shaping clothes? Here are three points:

1. First, body shaping clothes should not be too tight or too loose. Tight underwear will affect the body's circulation and metabolism, and even cause edema due to lymphatic hydraulic pressure. Too loose will not have an effect, so all parts of the body must be applied evenly, so that the muscles of the whole body can obtain the same pressure, massage the skin and subcutaneous fat, and cooperate with certain exercise to achieve the effect of weight loss

2. The material of body shaping clothing is also very important. Body shaping clothes are close fitting clothes. They must be comfortable, breathable, sweat wicking and avoid allergies

3. The last point is to choose a reputable commodity company. The functional design of brand underwear and underwear is based on the mechanical structure in line with human science. Some high-quality materials will be used for material selection. It can effectively avoid skin allergy caused by materials, so as to achieve the effect of slimming and shaping. The utility of any product varies from person to person. It is suggested that pregnant women make choices according to their actual needs, and try to consider their physical condition, and don't lose weight and shape themselves blindly

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