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What Brand of Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Childbirth? How Long Can You Eat Beef After Chi

Many women are seriously out of shape after giving birth to their babies, and their slim figure can't be restored before. The body shaping clothes can recover more parts than the girdle belt, and it is also one of the more convenient ways to recover the body. So, what brand of body shaping clothes to wear after childbirth? Let's take a look at the little secret of postpartum weight loss and body shaping

What brand of body shaping clothes to wear after delivery

What Brand of Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Childbirth? How Long Can You Eat Beef After Chi 1

Spanx body shaping pants are really hot. Jessica Alba, Adele and other stars are using them. Postpartum Baoma is also hoarding. The elasticity is amazing, and it won't be so tight that baomoms can't breathe. And there are many styles to choose from. As a supporter of Spanx family, postpartum body shaping clothes do not consider other brands. For Asians, size S (size a) is enough for their normal body. Flat angle triangle, high waist, low waist, conjoined split body, all black skin color, which is the gospel of women! There are too many brands at home and abroad. Spanx is the best to wear. It seems that the palm wide circumference is very good to wear and take off. It is a little thicker than silk stockings, but the abdominal effect is first-class. There is no need to buckle and paste at all, and it is not easy to curl. Spanx can do it! In fact, the weight hasn't changed after delivery, but the meat is a little loose. Sports recovery needs a process and time, so Spanx becomes a must. The most commonly worn are the old version 032 triangular high waist and the upgraded version 2745 flat angle high waist of 916. The thin layer has no burden at all

the main concept of lytes body shaping clothes is "body care products to wear", and the concept of "beauty dressing material" was initiated by them. These body shaping pants are not very cramped, very comfortable. Some friends said that the skin became better after use

after the baby is born, the body shape will not recover immediately, and there is even a risk of irreparable recovery. In view of this, wearing postpartum body shaping clothes can effectively help women recover their postpartum body shape, make the skin more compact, and also help the recovery in the body cavity

How long can you eat beef after delivery

you can eat beef after delivery. Beef can tonify the middle and Qi, nourish the spleen and stomach, and strengthen muscles and bones. Maternal eating beef plays an important role in postpartum and postpartum blood supplement. At the same time, eating beef can help pregnant women repair wound tissue as soon as possible, which is more conducive to physical recovery

What Brand of Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Childbirth? How Long Can You Eat Beef After Chi 2

especially for women who have caesarean section, they can eat beef after exhaust, but it should be noted that if they are allergic to beef, they should not choose. Because caesarean section itself has a certain impact on health, eating beef at this time has allergic symptoms, which will be more troublesome to treat

when choosing to eat beef, it should be better processed, because beef is more firewood and can be made slightly more Microsoft, so it is easier to digest and will not bring pressure on maternal teeth. Too hard beef will affect maternal tooth health

normal beef can be eaten by simple methods, but it should be noted that smoked, roasted and pickled beef has low nutritional value and is harmful to the body

the beef eaten by pregnant women should be light and not too heavy. Beef is a food with high protein, high cholesterol and poor digestion, so pay attention to the amount when eating

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