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What Is the Experience of Wearing Plastic Clothes?

What is the experience of wearing plastic clothes? Many women who love beauty want to wear shaping clothes, but they are worried about various symptoms after wearing shaping clothes, so they want to know what kind of experience it is to wear shaping clothes. Today, the U slim editor will bring you the comments of female friends after wearing shaping clothes for your reference

What Is the Experience of Wearing Plastic Clothes? 1

female friend 1:

I feel very tight when I first put on the shaping clothes, and it will be difficult to put them on. Background: I still have a lot of fat on my body. When wearing according to the video tutorial, I had the idea of giving up, but if I want to become beautiful, I have to suffer some pain, and it is impossible to become beautiful all at once

with the passage of time, I feel less tight and comfortable when I slowly wear the shaping clothes. The most important thing is that I am very surprised to meet different myself when I walk in front of the mirror. The most important thing is that my stomach has flattened and my whole body has improved

What Is the Experience of Wearing Plastic Clothes? 2

pick my clothes before putting on the shaping clothes. After putting on the shaping clothes, I pick my clothes. Now I really wear what style of clothes I want. By wearing the shaping clothes, I successfully turn myself into a clothes shelf

female friend 2:

I was not used to wearing shaping clothes at the beginning, mainly because I had a strong sense of bondage. I had just given birth to a child, and I was a little bent. After wearing shaping clothes, although my body became straight, I felt strangled

in order not to become a yellow faced woman, I finally chose to insist, because I want to be a role model for children, I want to make the loose meat tight, and we want to slow down our aging. So I chose to wear more show magic thin shaping clothes

after wearing it, the excess fat in my axillary breast, stomach, abdomen, waist, back and other parts is transferred, and the whole body looks more symmetrical, which can be said to be caused by concave convex. It can be said that it has shaped the perfect shape from the root

what is the experience of wearing shaping clothes? You have heard the voice of netizens. Do you also want to try shaping clothes? Do you want to make yourself beautiful by shaping clothes? Then come to more show magic thin shaping clothes and meet yourself

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