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What Side Effects Does Slimming Clothes Have

Many people wear slimming clothes now. No matter women who have just given birth or people who want to have a good figure, they will use slimming clothes for a period of time, but many people don't know if there will be any side effects. Some people think not. After all, it's just slimming clothes, not like that kind of slimming medicine. What side effects does slimming clothes have

What are the side effects of slimming clothes

What Side Effects Does Slimming Clothes Have 1

Slimming clothes generally achieve the effect of shaping by tightening the body. Because slimming clothes use the mobility of fat and the pressure difference of various parts to squeeze the fat in areas with high pressure to areas with low pressure. If it is a very high-quality body shaping underwear, it will also consider the shape of fat in areas with low pressure and wear it for a long time to achieve the effect of shaping and beautifying the body. Moreover, wearing slimming clothes oppresses the internal organs and reduces people's appetite, so it will achieve a certain weight loss effect

however, women wearing slimming clothes will have this experience. Because the slimming clothes are smaller than people's normal body size, their internal organs will be oppressed and they often feel dyspnea. Too tight slimming clothes will hinder blood circulation, cause insufficient blood supply to the body, and oppress the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity, so that the internal organs and nervous system are in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in reduced gastrointestinal digestive function and constipation

body shaping clothes are often difficult to breathe because of the material. Tight underwear accumulates vaginal secretions, which is easy to cause dermatitis and bacterial reproduction. After retrograde infection, it induces gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammation, resulting in damage to the uterus and ovaries, which is very harmful to women's physical health

in addition, the slimming clothes are generally made of airtight fabrics. The human body is wrapped inside and starts to sweat in less than ten minutes. Some people wear slimming clothes even during strenuous exercise in order to speed up the effect of weight loss. As everyone knows, wearing such slimming clothes for exercise will cause a large loss of water in the body, consume energy quickly, and cause serious dehydration and even heatstroke

What are the hazards of slimming clothes

What Side Effects Does Slimming Clothes Have 2

leading to poor blood vessel flow and skin tissue cell necrosis. The best way is to exercise. No pay no gain. Neither natural beauty nor beauty is beauty. In fact, will is also a process of exercise. It is because tight underwear makes the secretion of the pudenda accumulate and cannot be distributed in a wet and stuffy environment, which stimulates the vulva and causes vulvitis. And the thin clothes are too tight, which will wear the skin of the thigh, cause dermatitis and bacterial reproduction, and retrograde infection will induce vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, urethral infection, etc

as the slimming clothes tightly wrap the abdomen, the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity are oppressed, making the internal organs and their nervous system in a state of tension for a long time. This state affects intestinal peristalsis, which is easy to reduce gastrointestinal function and weaken the digestive system, resulting in constipation. At the same time, if women are constipated for a long time, their face will be ugly and they are easy to grow spots

the slimming underwear clings to the body, making the skin unable to breathe normally. Especially after sweating, the sweat cannot volatilize in time, resulting in pore blockage, local skin redness and swelling, folliculitis and rough skin. Tight slimming clothes make the skin unable to breathe freely, which is easy to cause microcirculation disorder, make the skin lose elasticity and affect the due moisturizing

wearing slimming clothes directly affects the blood circulation system. For example, breast binding makes the blood circulation of the breast insufficient, compresses the breast, makes the blood stasis in the lower part of the breast, and causes breast swelling and pain. This has a greater impact on adolescent girls at the stage of puberty, which will directly affect breast development

in order to make female friends realize the harm of often wearing inappropriate slimming clothes to physical development, the article tells us that wearing slimming clothes is not conducive to breast development, and will lead to pore blockage, and slimming clothes will lead to the symptoms of long spots, because it often oppresses the liver

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