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What Would Be an Ideal Foundation for Me?

Dream matte mousse is really good :) If your skin gets dry in some places, moisturize and use a primer before you apply foundation, it helps it go on better! For the dark circles, some concealer should do the job, with foundation on top! With the spots, also conceal them first before applying the foundation. Dream matte mousse is by Maybelline. You should be able to find it at most places, its quite popular ... can I just tell you, to never go for a liquid foundation, they melt off in the heat and go patchy and horrible. They can also leave streaks on your face, like the lines where your fingers have been to apply it. Seal your foundation with some sort of powder. I use mineral powder :) x

What Would Be an Ideal Foundation for Me? 1

1. Has Khabib shown fluency in leg locks in any of his fights or in outside grappling competitions that were filmed?

I've never seen him do one, though I have not watched 100% of his early Russian fights. But you are not going to see Khabib attack with leg locks like Ryan Hall does because it completely goes against his greatest strength: brutal, energy-sapping top control.He wants to take his opponent down, take away their ability to have an effective guard and pound the daylights out of them. Going for a leg lock is a huge risk because if it does not work your opponent is usually going to end up on top. For a jiu jitsu ace like Hall or Gary Tonon that's acceptable, as they are comfortable from the bottom. Khabib has shown he can fight from his back but that is not where he wants to be. Much easier to use his impressive strength to ride his opponents from the top and turn their faces into ground meat.I do not doubt that Khabib is very familiar with leg locks. Sambo, a style known for leg attacks, is one of his backgrounds. And he's trained at top MMA gyms for a very long time. He has drilled them so he knows how to avoid and escape them. He might even throw one out during training from time to time. But they just do not work well with the strategy he employed in nearly every one of his fights.Has Khabib shown fluency in leg locks in any of his fights or in outside grappling competitions that were filmed?

2. Out of this World Thanksgiving Dessert?

SUPER EASY CHOCOLATE CHERRY SUPREME 1 can crushed pineapple 1 can cherry pie filling 1 box chocolate cake mix 1 cup chopped nuts -walnuts or pecans 2 sticks of butter Place crushed pineapple and cherry pie filling in the bottom of a 9X13 baking dish. Sprinkle cake mix over the top of fruits. Sprinkle nuts over top of cake mix. Slice thin slices of butter over entire top of pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

What Would Be an Ideal Foundation for Me? 2

3. Could I leave the top of my fridge covered or do I need to uncover it?

i do not think so. We have platters and a few other miscellaneous things on top of our refrigerator and it still runs fine

4. How to soften Dr. Marten boots?

Best way to do it is to just wear them and walk around in them a lot. Softening up boots via other methods does not always turn out as well as you would expect, since sometimes creases in the leather can be in the wrong places and provide more discomfort as well as break down the surface condition of the leather. The boot should only bend around your foot where it naturally would when you walk or run. As far as blisters go, there's a pretty easy trick for avoiding them that's used in the military when breaking in combat boots. (Even with all the marching they do.) The trick is to put on a very thin, and form-fitting nylon or silk sock (Usually used for dress shoes), and then over top of it wear a thick wool sock. This allows your foot to slip and slide around the inside of the shoe comfortably without your feet actually rubbing up against anything. The extra cushioning from the wool sock also softens any hard creases in the leather when breaking in the boot.

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