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When Can't I Wear Body Shaping Clothes

In order not to eat more, some women will wear body shaping clothes at dinner, but it is not recommended to wear body shaping clothes at dinner and after dinner, because this will affect the body's absorption of nutrition and is very bad for the body in the long run. Therefore, it is best to understand when they buy body shaping clothes. When can't they wear body shaping clothes

When can't you wear body shaping clothes

When Can't I Wear Body Shaping Clothes 1

1. Don't rush to wear them during lactation and postpartum. It's still better to focus on loose cotton underwear, which is more conducive to the recovery of the body. Moreover, we should strengthen nutrition and ensure sufficient milk. We should wait until we don't feed before considering wearing slimming clothes and losing weight. Lactating moms try not to wear slimming clothes! Moreover, during lactation, we must control the balance between supply and demand of our own energy and pay attention to nutritional balance. But some mothers can't help it. They can't start wearing it until their wounds recover to a certain extent

2. Body shaping clothes are worn during the day. You can't wear body shaping clothes when sleeping. Wearing body shaping clothes for too long will lead to insufficient blood supply to the body and compress the organs in the abdominal cavity. Wearing body shaping clothes at night is also easy to lead to poor blood circulation. If the blood circulation is poor, it will lead to edema. Therefore, you should wear loose clothes when sleeping at night. Wearing tight body shaping clothes is not good for health

3. Do not eat before, after and during meals. Body shaping clothes will affect the digestive function of gastrointestinal tract, because gastrointestinal tract is mainly concentrated in the lower abdomen, which is also the place with the highest frequency of using body shaping clothes. If it is restrained and tightened for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation supply of the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, it may also cause weakened peristalsis of the whole gastrointestinal function and cause constipation

Is it useful to wear body shaping clothes after delivery

wearing body shaping clothes after delivery has a certain body shaping effect. Postpartum wearing body shaping clothes to sculpt the body is also one of the favorite body shaping methods of many pregnant women. The body shaping clothes have the function of body shaping. The most obvious effect is that the body looks much better immediately after wearing them. Moreover, wearing body shaping clothes will naturally make you unconsciously straighten your waist and develop good sitting and standing habits. However, body shaping clothes are generally very tight. It is recommended to wear body shaping clothes after six months postpartum

When Can't I Wear Body Shaping Clothes 2

if the body shaping clothes are worn on the body for a long time, it will cause poor blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and easily lead to gynecological inflammation. Moreover, most of the body shaping clothes are chemical fiber products, especially conjoined ones. After long-term use, the vulva is wet, which affects the normal blood circulation and sweat excretion. It is also easy to reproduce bacteria and lead to vaginitis. If you want to wear it, pregnant women must choose to wear body shaping clothes with good air permeability, and change and wash the body shaping clothes frequently to keep them dry

pregnant women wearing too tight body shaping clothes may cause cervical spondylosis and bring great hidden dangers to their health. Therefore, new mothers should wear body shaping clothes carefully to achieve the effect of body shaping through diet and exercise

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