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Where Can I Buy a Bodysuit/leotard Thingy Like This?

I would go for eBay if you are looking for a cheaper alternative :) I see lots of stuff like this on eBay all the time!

Where Can I Buy a Bodysuit/leotard Thingy Like This? 1

1. What will my parents say if I wear a bodysuit and pantyhose?

Sure go ahead be who you are! good luck!!! If your parents dont like it oh well you are who you are

2. Can I use my free will to choose to wear an asbestos bodysuit when I get to Hell?

Sure, just make sure it does not clash with the decor. That's a big no-no. ((((JMD))))

Where Can I Buy a Bodysuit/leotard Thingy Like This? 2

3. spandex bodysuit? might be too small?

Did you order the small too? It will stretch anyway so you should be fine

4. Where can I find black strapless bodysuit or something that will cover my stomach under my cheerleading unifor

Hey im a biggen. all u have to do is go 2 the underwear section in wal-mart and by a girdle. it hooks together in the front and it comes in black, white , and skin colored . It only covers from right under ur boobs to the top of your pants unless u have like really low waisted pants. but get one . it will hold everything up and in . its only like $10. 00. i swear by it girl. . trust me.

5. Would Justin Bieber look cute in a cheerleading bodysuit?

he would have to wear pantyhose with it

6. GIRLS , i wanna buy myself a bodysuit from victoria secret, (blousepanties), anyone wore it before? is it com

you mean a camisole? I liked them when I was skinny and yeah they are comfy like pj's

7. Is there anything wrong with a boy wearing a cheerleading bodysuit?

You should respect your sister's belongings. Buy your own stuff.

8. can i wear a bodysuit as a bathing suit?

Depends on the material and color it may become "see through" after getting wet. Give it a trial run at home in the shower, then check from all angles in a well lit area in front of a mirror. As long as it is not see-through, or uncomfortable it should be fine. Some materials feel uncomfortable, or itchy when they become wet, this is something else to check for at home first

9. Should I wear tights with my bodysuit for my halloween costume? (pix included)?

I think it looks best without the undershirt for sure. But about the tights... while it looks better without, do you really want to feel uncomfortable the whole day/night? It's up to you, but I would consider that

10. is it normal for a guy to wear pantyhose/spandex/bodysuit/latex and masterbate in them?

Um.. No... I do not guess so... That's just really really really ReAlLy REALLY weird... REALLY WEIRD... That's just.... WEIRD.... WhatTheCrap?

11. what should i wear with this long sleeve thong leotard/bodysuit?

sounds like a good combo but maybe some blck spandex shorts or even a short short jean shorts

12. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

No it is not child abuse. Your mother just wants to protect your modesty and that you have just listen to your mother. Yes your mother is right to do that. You can do what you want when you turn 18. Until then you have no choice but to obey your mother and wear it.

13. I recently flew to Europe, wearing a tight black turtleneck bodysuit (leotard), boot cut jeans and suede booties. I got a few stares - why?

your fly was open!

14. Where i can get the skin color bodysuit that ice-skaters normally wear underneath their costumes?

any local dance shop or call a dance studio u can look up on the net look for danskin or capezio discount dancewear perhaps

15. I'm a boy and I love to wear things like leotard, bodysuit...?

I wear a leotard with pantyhose and heels around in can see my bra through it too,so sexy!! If you want to wear it out go for it

16. Is wearing a sheer bodysuit in public constitute public nudity?

He will be arrested for indecent exposure. Your genitals must be fully covered. And for women, the nipples must not be exposed

17. Where can I buy a cheerleading bodysuit?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I buy a cheerleading bodysuit? I'm a 13-year old boy, and I LOVE to wear girls' cheerleading bodysuits with the snap crotch. My sister (17) is a cheerleader, and I wore one of her cheer bodysuits to school today cuz it was a cool day. It was SOO comfy! I can see why girls like to wear these. Anyway, I...

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