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Which Is Convenient for Body Shaping Clothes to Open and Take Off

Body shaping clothes are a kind of clothes commonly used by many female friends in order to maintain their figure after production. However, although wearing such clothes can shape the body, it will be very inconvenient when we have an emergency. Do you know which is convenient for body shaping clothes to open and take off? Now let's take this question and follow Xiaobian to see the correct answer to the question

Which is convenient for body shaping clothes to open and take off after

Which Is Convenient for Body Shaping Clothes to Open and Take Off 1

opening will be more convenient. At present, most one-piece body shaping clothes on the market will have open crotch design, that is, like baby open crotch pants. This design is also for the sake of the wearer. Therefore, the correct way to open the one-piece body shaping clothes is as follows: first wear the one-piece body shaping clothes, and then wear underwear outside the one-piece body shaping clothes. When the wearer goes to the bathroom, he only needs to take off his underwear. Mom didn't worry that I would feel trouble and catch a cold when I went to the bathroom in one-piece plastic clothes. In fact, it's not difficult to go to the bathroom in one-piece plastic clothes. You just need to see if there is an open crotch design when you buy. In fact, most one-piece body shaping clothing products on the market will have such a design

the body shaping underwear bought now generally has an open file, or the crotch can be opened. There are few ones that are not open. If you really don't open the gear, you can only take it off from the top down. Take it off one by one like peeling onions from the outside. After solving the internal emergency, put it back one by one. The one-piece body shaping clothes have humanized open file design, so you can go to the toilet without wearing underwear. If you feel uncomfortable, you can choose one-piece body shaping triangular clothes. The crotch has a hook and buckle design, which is easy to untie. The one-piece body shaping clothes focus on the integrated curve beauty, so that all parts are very symmetrical to ensure the overall effect of the one-piece body shaping clothes

Purchase rules of body shaping clothes

back: when wearing open back gauze or evening clothes, you should choose the place where the tights are almost to the waist. These tights are suitable for open back clothes. The rubber root at the wing position has the function of sticking meat, which can prevent the tights from sliding down or moving. The waist and abdomen should be selected in the tight clothes with glue bone steel from the armpit to the waist, so that the waist will be more curved. If there is a little belly, the tight clothes with the shirt long to the belly should be selected, so that the small belly can be collected. Measurement: at present, there are many miscellaneous brands in the market, with unsatisfactory fabrics and workmanship. Wearing close fitting for a long time will have a certain impact on the body. When choosing body shaping, you must pay attention to: the sensitive part must be made of pure cotton

tightness: it should not be too tight. Too tight will affect blood circulation. The model of tightness should be selected. The shaping underwear generally achieves the breast enhancement effect by squeezing the breasts on both sides to the middle, which will tighten the breast and affect the blood circulation of the breast, so that the toxins in the body can not be discharged in time, which is easy to induce breast diseases. In addition, plastic underwear is mostly fiber products with poor air permeability, which is more likely to cause breast eczema and nipple pruritus

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