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Why Does Wearing Body Shaping Clothes Constipate

When we wear body shaping clothes, in fact, we can use physical compression to effectively control our body, but when we choose, we should still choose our own, but some people will have a question, why do we constipate when wearing body shaping clothes? Shall we get to know each other

Why is constipation caused by wearing body shaping clothes

Why Does Wearing Body Shaping Clothes Constipate 1

constipation mainly refers to the reduction of defecation frequency, less than 2-3 times of defecation in a week, or once in 2-3 days, and it is called constipation when the amount of feces is small and dry. Constipation in medicine is a common clinical complex symptom, not a disease. It mainly refers to the reduction of defecation times, fecal volume, dry feces, laborious defecation and so on. The judgment of constipation must be made in combination with the characteristics of feces, my usual defecation habits and defecation difficulties. If more than 6 months, it is chronic constipation

from the perspective of modern medicine, it is not a specific disease, but a symptom of a variety of diseases. The results show that girls wearing girdles and bras have much less defecation than girls without such clothes. The professor pointed out that the reason was that the tights passivated the parasympathetic nerve. Tights inhibit the parasympathetic nerve regulating defecation activities, reduce the digestive juice of the endocrine of the large intestine, and weaken the force of pushing forward the decomposition of food in the small intestine. Therefore, when food residues pass through the large intestine, it takes more time than normal. The professor pointed out that it is in this process that constipation is easy to occur. Therefore, women with severe constipation should try not to wear tight clothes, especially when sleeping, and should not give too many constraints to the body. How to prevent constipation? Avoid eating too little or too fine food, lack of residue and less stimulation to colon movement

Avoid disturbing defecation habits

constipation is easy to be caused when defecation is not timely due to mental factors, changes in life rules, excessive fatigue during long-distance travel, etc. Avoid the abuse of laxatives: the abuse of laxatives will weaken the sensitivity of the intestine, form dependence on some laxatives and cause constipation. Reasonably arrange life and work to achieve the combination of work and rest. Appropriate recreational and sports activities, especially abdominal muscle exercise, are conducive to the improvement of gastrointestinal function, which is more important for mental workers who are sedentary, sedentary and highly concentrated

develop good defecation habits, defecate regularly every day, form conditioned reflex and establish good defecation rules. Don't ignore it when you want to defecate. Defecate in time. The environment and posture of defecation shall be as convenient as possible, so as not to inhibit defecation and destroy defecation habits. The main manifestations of female constipation are reduction of stool frequency, prolongation of time interval, dry and hard stool, difficulty in elimination and poor defecation. Some people even have symptoms such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain and bloody stool

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