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Ziyan Li'er PK Tingmei, Which Style of Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes Is Good?

For many women, pregnancy and having children is a happy thing. However, after the baby is born, while enjoying the joy of being a mother for the first time, troubles also follow, the postpartum body is bloated and obviously fat, and the beautiful clothes before delivery can't be worn & hellip& hellip;

Ziyan Li'er PK Tingmei, Which Style of Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes Is Good? 1

how to restore slim figure after delivery? In addition to maintaining proper exercise, postpartum body shaping clothes may be a good helper for you. The postpartum body shaping clothes of Tingmei and Ziyan lier sell well on the Internet. The two products have the same price. Which one is more cost-effective? Let's PK it

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Ziyan Li'er PK Tingmei, Which Style of Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes Is Good? 2

brand background. "Zi Yan Li Zi Zi Yan Li Er" is the main functional underwear brand, which is mainly made up of body clothing, adjusted bra and thermal underwear. Ten years ago, it was the production base of many world brand underwear in China. Later, after absorbing the essence of the world's top underwear design, The national brand launched in combination with the figure and living habits of Oriental women has a short history

Tingmei Tingmei is the first brand in China's body shaping industry. It can be said that Tingmei is the leader in China's body shaping industry. It has more than 40 patents. Tingmei creates the market with its unique concept of high-tech products. The group's products cover several major fields, such as clothing, health products, cosmetics, automotive products, fire control, slimming and so on, and has continuously created a number of national well-known brands

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