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Spaghetti Strap Dresses with Shirts Underneath? Yes Or No?

Spaghetti Strap Dresses with Shirts Underneath? Yes Or No? 1

Try a cardigan on top of it. :)

1. Why would a GOD need a Jihad or the faithful to strap on Bombs?

Or is it a real Lack of Faith?

Religion can make people do nutty things. The only difference between them and us is the technology of our toys.

Spaghetti Strap Dresses with Shirts Underneath? Yes Or No? 2

We both use the same kind of nationalism/religious ideology to commit our own form of suicide. In that respect, we are no different. ============= To the Op; The people who are doing this are doing it for their nationalistic pride.

They have few recourses other then make war on us through their people. Because of the killing of innocents by nameless suicide bombers it slowly turns the people against us, because we are the most visible and are therefore viewed as the reason all the bombings are happening. It worked in Nam, it is working in Iraq.

History proves that. I wish you would understand that and stop with that its wrong based on easy western concepts and ideology. I hate to say it, but if the USA was in the same position, we would do the same damned thing to get rid of invaders.

We would be just as "inhuman." The problem is, we have never been put to that test. I want you to consider this. Some claim 911 is was an inside job.

Lets say it was (I do not think it was) and the USA killed 5,000 people to make its case to go to war. Is not that the same thing? Has not things like that been done throughout history?

================== Peace Jim .

2. How do you strap on a knife?

it should have a belt loop on the top of the sheath, put your belt through it so the knife is on the outside, the bottom cord is to wrap around your leg, this is so when sitting, the knife does not hang down and the handle can not jab you in the stomach.

calf carry is awkward with a knife this large, just cumbersome. same thing for a thigh carry.

3. Anti-static wrist strap is not electrically conductive?

Humans are about 200 picoFarad capacitance to Ground (thru shoe soles).With 1MegOhm discharge resistor, that's a 200 microsecond tau; if 2,000 volts initially, the 1_TAU would be 37% of 2,000 or 740 volts. THen another Tau to about 300 volts. The 3rs tau to 100 volts.And all this discharge in only 3*200u or 600uS, or less than 1 MilliSecond.


What would look good with a hot pink spaghetti strap top and black skinny jeans?

A black flows vest with black sparkly flats

5. Any ideas on decorating a plain white guitar strap so it looks funky?

Hmmm, paint it like a giant band-aid or imagine it like a highway, maybe from an aerial view with green road signs and cars and motorcycles etc. You could draw pliers, football shoes, or your home-town's skyline on it. You could draw shoelaces on it, remote controls, keys, or pizza.

Maybe draw a circuit board, wood grain, or electron micrograph pictures of cells. Or make it look like a neck-tie, stick of dynamite, hair braid, or cigar. If none of that stuff works, just go around thinking about it for a bit longer, maybe something will come to you that way!

6. how would you wear a bra with this shirt?

go strap less that should be goo or there is like a tape peace that lings the straps together on ur back but go strapless


how to clean a guess watch strap?

perhaps soapy water and an old toothbrush that no one is using. Add a tiny amount of bleach to the water.

Let it soak for a while and then try scrubbing it again. A TINY amount of bleach. You MAY get some slight discoloration if you add too much of the stuff.

So, consider yourself warned. Maybe you should let the band SOAK in the soapy water for a long period of time BEFORE you scrub it. Do not use the bleach just yet!

8. How do you put a Guitar strap on a Guitar?

Put the back strap on the button, and you have to tie a string it looks like a little shoelace thing around the headstock and into the hole on the strap

Spaghetti Strap related knowledge:
  • Spaghetti of Meat Market Meaning

    Spaghetti (Italian: [spaˈɡetti]) is a long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Like other pasta, spaghetti is made of milled wheat and water and sometimes enriched with vitamins and minerals.

    Italian spaghetti is typically made from durum wheat semolina. Usually the pasta is white because refined flour is used, but whole wheat flour may be added. Spaghettoni is a thicker form of spaghetti, while capellini is a very thin spaghetti.

    Originally, spaghetti was notably long, but shorter lengths gained in popularity during the latter half of the 20th century and now it is most commonly available in 25-30 cm (10-12 in) lengths. A variety of pasta dishes are based on it and it is frequently served with tomato sauce or meat or vegetables.

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Spaghetti Strap related q&a:
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Will Wearing Body Shaping Clothes Affect Milk Production
Will Wearing Body Shaping Clothes Affect Milk Production
After pregnancy, women's body size will generally change, and most pregnant mothers become obese because they supplement nutrition during pregnancy. In addition, after pregnancy, the uterus is enlarged and the stomach will grow up. After childbirth, many pregnant women are eager to recover their figure, and body shaping clothes are a method. So, will wearing body shaping clothes affect milk production?Will wearing body shaping clothes affect milk productionIf the body shaping clothes are too tight, they will strangle the breast and its periphery, which will affect milk production. If you want to feed your baby, don't wear it on the top of the body shaping clothes. If it's not easy to get mastitis, you can wear it on the lower body. However, it is not recommended to wear body shaping clothes just after the birth of the baby, because just after the birth of the baby, the wounds under the body and uterus are recovering, and wearing too tight is really bad for the body. For example, it's easy to get vaginitis if you wear it tightly and cover it very tightly. Don't be sick after giving birth to a child. Only when you are healthy will you be in a good mood! First let the inner health up, the outer look will be good!How long can I wear body shaping clothes after childbirth - natural deliveryFrom the perspective of health, you can wear body shaping clothes after a month of spontaneous labor. It is best to use them after the body recovers. Because the body shaping clothes have a certain pressure on the body to tighten the fat and loose meat, and the body is still weak after the birth of a child. The natural recovery of function will be more healthy for the interior of the body.Although it is said that body shaping clothes are helpful for the recovery of body shape, if you want to feed Baoma, you'd better not wear body shaping clothes, so that too tight will affect milk production. In addition, it is not good to wear body shaping clothes too early, which is not conducive to the recovery of postpartum uterus. If it is a natural birth, it is recommended to wear body shaping clothes one month postpartum.
Are Radiation Protective Clothing for Pregnant Women the Same
Are Radiation Protective Clothing for Pregnant Women the Same
With the progress of modern science and technology, electronic products not only change our way of life, but also enrich our life, but it is not without disadvantages. Especially for some special people, the radiation in electronic products will bring them a lot of harm. Pregnant women are one of them. Let's get to know more about whether the radiation protective clothing for pregnant women is the same.Are radiation protective clothing for pregnant women the sameAt present, several popular anti radiation fabrics on the market are mainly metal blended fiber fabrics and silver fiber fabrics. Blended fiber fabric is a kind of fabric with anti electromagnetic radiation performance, which is woven by blending metal substances (lead, silver, etc.) with cotton, polyester and other fibers. The radiation protection clothing made of this kind is metal fabric radiation protection clothing. It has rich colors and various styles of radiation protection clothes, mainly including pregnant women's skirts, waistcoats and belly pockets. Silver fiber fabric, similar to the working principle of metal blended fiber, is woven by using the first silver fiber composite fiber blending technology. The anti radiation clothing made of this fabric is silver fiber anti radiation clothing. It is mainly silver and silver gray. The style of anti radiation clothing is mainly suspenders or other styles of liners.Wearing skills of radiation protective clothing for pregnant womenIn fact, the principle of wearing radiation protective clothing for pregnant women is similar to that of purchasing. It is not necessary to wear radiation protective clothing when there is no or almost no chance of long-term radiation exposure; If the environmental radiation is weak, you should still wear radiation protective clothing during pregnancy preparation (2 3 months before pregnancy) and early pregnancy, even if you don't wear it in the late pregnancy before delivery; If the environmental radiation is strong and may be exposed to radiation for a long time, you should wear pregnant women's radiation protective clothing during pregnancy and pregnancy to avoid unnecessary risks.In life, pregnant women do not need to wear radiation protection clothes if they are not exposed to electronic products for a long time. However, if you work with more electronic products and work for a long time, it is recommended to prepare before pregnancy and wear radiation-proof clothes throughout pregnancy to ensure the normal development and growth of the fetus.
Fabric Used in Radiation Protection Clothing for Pregnant Women
Fabric Used in Radiation Protection Clothing for Pregnant Women
Learn about the fabric composition of good pregnant women's radiation protection clothes, which can make mothers feel much relieved when passing on pregnant women's radiation protection clothes!Mainstream fabric1. Metal fiber blended fabric. Generally, stainless steel metal fibers with a diameter of about 0.008mm and cotton, polyester and other fibers are blended into fabrics. A good fabric shielding value is more than 30dB. Parameters: breathable, washable, stable shielding performance.2. All silver fiber knitted fabric. The silver fiber referred to here is not pure silver, but a new composite fiber formed by the fusion of silver ion and nylon. In addition to good air permeability, it also has the effect of bacteriostasis and maintenance on human body. The shielding value of all silver fiber knitted fabric is more than 70dB. This kind of fabric is easy to oxidize, but oxidation does not affect the effect of radiation protection and the use of clothes. Parameters: breathable, washable, bacteriostatic maintenance, stable shielding performance.3. Semi silver fiber blended fabric. Semi silver fiber fabric refers to the fabric made by blending silver fiber and polyester fiber. The shielding value of this fabric is between metal fiber and all silver fiber fabric, which is about 50-60db. Generally, the antioxidant capacity is higher than that of all silver fiber. At the same time, it also has the function of bacteriostatic maintenance. Parameters: breathable, washable, bacteriostatic maintenance, stable shielding performance.Other fabrics1. Metal plated (metal coated) fabric. It refers to coating copper nickel ions on ordinary fabrics. Although the shielding performance is about 50-60db, it needs to be made into three layers because it is airtight, can not be washed and copper nickel ions can not directly contact the skin. This surface will fall off after being used for a period of time or after washing, At present, this kind of fabric has been eliminated by most manufacturers. Parameters: poor air permeability, failure after washing, no contact with skin.2. Multi ion fabric. Different from other fabrics, the working principle of multi-ion fabrics is to absorb electromagnetic waves rather than shield electromagnetic waves. They are widely used around 2002, but they are not popular because of short service life and unstable performance. The market application technology of this fabric is not mature and needs further research and development. Parameters: breathable, washable, unstable performance.3. Silver fiber coated fabric. It is made of relatively backward silver fiber coating process, which has the characteristics of high shielding performance and antibacterial maintenance of silver fiber. This fabric has poor air permeability and can not be washed. The market prospect is not optimistic and should not be widely used. Parameters: poor air permeability, non washable, unstable performance, bacteriostatic maintenance.
Do Pregnant Women Need Radiation Protection Clothes
Do Pregnant Women Need Radiation Protection Clothes
During pregnancy, in order to make the fetus develop more healthily, we should get rid of all bad living habits and devote ourselves to the things that give birth to life. But after pregnancy, many women feel that it is too boring to concentrate on childbirth at home, so they will continue to work. Do pregnant women need radiation protection clothes? What are the purchase methods of radiation protection clothes for pregnant women? Let's get to know!Do pregnant women need radiation protection clothesPregnant women need to wear radiation protection clothes. If it is disturbed by electromagnetic radiation for a long time, it will lead to abnormal reaction during pregnancy, aggravation of pregnancy vomiting, serious may lead to abortion of pregnant women, and also have a certain impact on postpartum depression.Purchasing method of radiation protection clothes for pregnant womenFor pregnant women, although it is far safer and healthier to stay away from electromagnetic radiation than to wear anti radiation clothes, due to the reality of work pressure and the wide use of communication appliances, purchasing an anti radiation maternity dress has become the most realistic move for pregnant women today.At present, the performance of shielding electromagnetic radiation of silver fiber anti radiation clothing on the market is relatively stable. Consumers can give priority to silver fiber fabrics when choosing anti radiation clothing fabrics and materials.The electromagnetic radiation in our life is complex. According to the data of the national health and childbirth center, there are more than 20 computers in our living environment, which means that our radiation environment is dangerous. It is necessary for pregnant women to take anti radiation measures.The above is an introduction to the need for radiation protection clothes for pregnant women and the purchase methods of radiation protection clothes for pregnant women. I hope it can help you. In addition to staying away from radiation during pregnancy, we should also pay attention to our daily diet and give birth to a lovely baby in the best state. In late pregnancy, we need to understand the signals of labor to avoid being in a hurry.
Can I Wear Body Shaping Clothes During Lactation
Can I Wear Body Shaping Clothes During Lactation
Even with a baby, mothers are also beautiful mothers. After giving birth to a healthy baby, mothers can't wait to start becoming beautiful. During pregnancy in October, the fetus grows larger and larger in the mother's body. In this way, the larger and larger fetus will support the female's pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, resulting in the body deformation of expectant mothers. Body shaping clothes are essential for mothers after giving birth to babies. So, can I wear plastic clothes during lactation?Can I wear plastic clothes during lactationBecause mothers are still lactating, it is best to avoid wearing one-piece body shaping clothes, because the one-piece body shaping clothes have tight constraints on the breast. Too tight constraints are not good for lactation. At the same time, they are easy to cause milk deposition and inflammation. Mothers who are still lactating can choose to wear simple waist shaping clothes, which have no impact on lactation, At the same time, it is very helpful for the recovery of the body.Will you sleep in a body suitMany women are eager to have a perfect figure and make themselves more beautiful. Wearing body shaping clothes will make female friends more confident and beautiful. But some people will go into a misunderstanding after wearing body shaping clothes. They will think that since plastic clothes have the effect of plasticity and body beauty, can wearing more plastic clothes make the body better? So some people will become "reluctant" to take off their plastic clothes and even wear them to sleep.In fact, this is not correct. Sleeping in plastic clothes can easily lead to poor blood circulation and edema. This is the same as putting on loose pajamas when we sleep. Sleeping in plastic clothes can not only lose weight and plasticity effectively, but also cause unnecessary damage to the body, which is counterproductive.Pregnant in October, after giving birth to the baby, mothers' desire to become beautiful is always very urgent. However, at the same time, mothers should pay attention to the baby's need for breast-feeding, so it is not suitable to choose one-piece body shaping clothes or body shaping clothes with tight constraints on the chest, and the wearing time should be reasonably controlled. It is not better to wear them for a long time.
What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Childbirth
What Body Shaping Clothes Do You Wear After Childbirth
There are many ways to buy body shaping clothes. First, body shaping clothes can't be too tight or too loose. Underwear that is too tight will affect the body's circulation and metabolism, and even cause edema due to lymphatic compression. If it is too loose, it will have no effect at all. Therefore, it must be evenly applied to all parts of the body and cooperate with certain exercise to make it lose weight.The material of body shaping clothes is also very important. Body shaping clothes are close fitting clothes. They must be comfortable, breathable, sweat wicking and avoid allergies. The last point is to choose a commodity company with good reputation. Brand underwear. The functional design of underwear is based on the scientific human body mechanical structure. Some high-quality materials will be used in the material selection.The utility of any product varies from person to person. Therefore, whether it's body shaping clothes or hip lifting pants, it is suggested that new mothers can choose according to their actual needs, and try to consider their physical condition, and don't lose weight and shape blindly.Body shaping clothes body shaping clothes and pants can generally be divided into body shaping clothes and hip lifting pants. The difference between body shaping clothes (or body shaping clothes) and previous abdominal belts and waist seals is that it adds some new concepts, not local body adjustment, but transfers the fat on the back, shoulders and armpits to the front chest to make the chest round and full. Through the design of the back and waist, make the body tall and straight, and avoid chest, hunchback and gastroptosis; The hip lifting pants tighten the hip fat and combine it with the body shaping waist seal to guide the transfer of waist, abdomen and thigh fat to the hip, so as to create a beautiful hip shape.Not only postpartum mothers, many ordinary women who want to lose weight also make themselves more perfect through body shaping clothes.The time of postpartum wearing body shaping clothes varies from person to person, mainly caesarean section  , Whether breastfeeding is appropriate or not should be considered. In the case of no breastfeeding after caesarean section, it is recommended to check the recovery of postpartum uterus after two months. If it is normal, you can wear body shaping clothes. If breastfeeding, you should stop breastfeeding and then wear body shaping clothes. After natural childbirth, you should wait at least one month to wear body shaping clothes, And you can wear body shaping clothes when you are not breastfeeding. If you are a breastfeeding mother, don't lose weight as soon as possible, which will have a certain impact on breastfeeding.Many mothers choose to wear shaping clothes to lose weight because of their body shape. However, many shaping clothes are too tight, resulting in blocked blood or poor breathing, which not only can not achieve the effect of weight loss, but also wear for a long time will make the blood blocked and affect health. Moreover, the effects of any product, such as diet pills and body shaping clothes, vary from person to person, and are not useful to everyone. They can choose according to their actual needs, and try to consider their own physical condition. At the same time, they should cooperate with an appropriate amount of exercise to achieve the purpose of body shaping.
How to Detect the Authenticity of Radiation Protection Clothing
How to Detect the Authenticity of Radiation Protection Clothing
For some personnel engaged in high radiation work, or pregnant women who need to work on computers for a long time, the importance of anti radiation clothing is self-evident. But now there are many kinds of products on the market, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. How to detect the true and false of anti radiation clothing?1. Combustion methodUnder normal circumstances, the clothes of radiation protection clothing will be equipped with a small bag of small cloth blocks of the clothing fabric for users to detect the authenticity. At this time, the user can take down the cloth and burn it with fire. If it becomes a metal mesh structure or spherical powder, it means it is true.2. Conductive methodThe fabric of clothes that can play the role of radiation protection must be different from that of ordinary clothes. One of them is that radiation protection clothes have better conductivity. Users can take their clothes to some places where home appliances are repaired and ask the master to check them.3. Noise interference methodIn general, if the mobile phone is used next to the fixed telephone, the electromagnetic waves of the two will interfere with each other. However, if it is a real radiation protection suit, it will be placed between mobile phones and fixed phones to isolate this electromagnetic wave.4. Scan QR code for verificationEach anti radiation suit will have a string of its unique anti-counterfeiting code. After buying it, users can distinguish whether it is true or false by entering the anti-counterfeiting code mark on the official website.5. Use instruments to testThe most direct way is to use a radiation detection instrument, first detect the original radiation value of the computer, then cover the anti radiation clothes on the computer, and then detect it again.
Does Radiation Proof Clothing Affect the Fetus
Does Radiation Proof Clothing Affect the Fetus
Many people turn pale when they talk about radiation. Many mothers are worried about it for fear of doing harm to their children. Radiation protection clothing is a new kind of special clothing, which is mainly composed of metal fiber and ordinary fiber. So, does radiation protection clothing have an impact on the fetus?First of all, anti radiation clothing has a certain protective effect on the baby. In the early pregnancy of pregnant women, the fetus in the abdomen is in an important period of development and formation. If the fetus is in the state of strong electromagnetic radiation for a long time in the early pregnancy, it is very unfavorable to the health of pregnant women and fetus. Adults exposed to radiation for a long time can easily induce lesions, not to mention developing fetuses, so pregnant women should avoid strong radiation as much as possible.Secondly, the radiation protection clothing can not be worn close to the body. If the radiation protection clothing is worn for a long time, the intersection and superposition of multiple reflections in the radiation protection clothing will increase the radiation intensity and act on the human body. Moreover, it is best to wear anti radiation clothing in a relatively large radiation working environment, and it is best not to wear it every day.Finally, it is not recommended to wear radiation protection clothes for a long time. Some natural rays, such as infrared in the sun, are suitable for the body, which is beneficial to the baby and can help the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, it is not good to wear more radiation protection clothes. Expectant mothers must not cover themselves in radiation protection clothes all day. If you are out of the working environment exposed to radiation, you'd better take off your radiation protection clothing in order to contact the sun and fresh air.
Is It Useful to Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Childbirth
Is It Useful to Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Childbirth
Due to the relatively developed science and technology, the fabric of body shaping clothes is not invariable. The traditional postpartum body shaping clothes are mainly made of spandex fabric. Because this fabric can accelerate the metabolism of the human body, the effect of body shaping is obvious, but it also has a big defect, that is, it is too tight. In this case, it is difficult for some female friends to stick to it for a long time, Too tight postpartum body shaping clothes will cause long-term compression on the skin, so it is recommended to wear them intermittently.At this stage, based on the traditional postpartum body shaping clothes, new fabric products have been developed. The main fabrics of these products are mainly copper ammonia fiber, modal and other natural extracts. In this way, the postpartum body shaping clothes of fabrics are relatively expensive, not tight, and the body shaping effect is also good.Some friends will ask, what is the use of postpartum body shaping clothes? In fact, it is necessary to wear body shaping clothes. If the factors of beauty plasticity are removed, it is also useful to wear body shaping clothes only in terms of physical recovery. The baby is bred in the pregnant woman for a long time. With the increase of time, the fetus will become larger and larger, which will support the pregnant woman's abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity more and more. After the child is born, A deformed body can't recover immediately.Moreover, during pregnancy, what you eat is often nutritious. Too many high calorie and high-fat things will accumulate in pregnant women, which is not good for pregnant women's health. Therefore, wearing body shaping clothes can effectively tighten the enlarged pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, prevent excessive sagging under the internal organs, and promote the self recovery of the uterus. It is a better article for recuperating the body.Generally speaking, female friends with good physical quality can wear body shaping clothes a week after postpartum. Of course, if a woman is delivered by caesarean section, she should wait until the wound heals, otherwise it will cause the wound to crack and seriously affect the recovery of her postpartum body. Properly wearing body shaping clothes can effectively tighten the enlarged pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, prevent excessive sagging under the internal organs, and promote the self recovery of the uterus. It is a better object for pregnant women to take care of their bodies.Wearing body shaping clothes itself is useful, but female friends who have given birth to a baby should pay attention to wearing body shaping clothes. First of all, it is the problem of wearing. If you wear it improperly, it will not only fail to play the role of health insurance, but also cause harm to your body. For example, some friends may think that the longer you wear it, the better it is for plasticity and postpartum recovery. In fact, this idea is wrong. If you wear it for too long, it will slow down your metabolism and squeeze your body, resulting in poor blood circulation and cold hands and feet. Therefore, do not wear body shaping clothes for more than 8 hours, and be sure to take them off when you sleep, so as not to affect your sleep.In addition, if the postpartum body shaping clothes are newly bought, they must be washed and dried before wearing, otherwise it is easy to cause the breeding of bacteria and have an adverse impact on postpartum care.
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