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Why do people wear shapewear?


The slow evolution of shapewear from hard corset to comfortable underwear with shaping effect is the process of women from pleasing others to pleasing themselves. 




The principle of shapewear is to force the body curve to change through external force, but this external force, with the continuous innovation of textile technology, turns into a soft pressure through high elasticity to make the body curve from uneven trim to a flat and rounded curve.  This allows people to easily and comfortably maintain elegance in social situations without sacrificing comfort and physical health. 




The popularity of shapewear originates from people's desire for beauty and fashion, and people's needs for beauty are different at different times.  We can see from the history of the rise and fall of shapewear that people at different times have different understandings of beauty.  Shapewear has also changed from strong confinement of the body in the beginning to a more natural and comfortable body without losing sexiness. 




What kind of people would want to wear shapewear today?  People who are trying to control their weight, pregnant women trying to repair after giving birth, people trying to look perfect in a wedding dress, people trying to attend an important ball, people trying to look perfect in a professional suit, etc. 




Shapewear can help people reduce their anxiety because of the effects of gravity, because of the nice food, people who want to maintain the perfect body always need to put a lot of energy and give up a lot of food to get a small return, but when the people wear shapewear, They don't need to diet for wear a nice dress for a party.  They just need to wear invisible shapewear under their clothes on the day of the party.  Because when your body is healthy, you are already beautiful, and you don't need to keep yourself from enjoying life in order to be more perfect, and making something as fun as going to a party an anxiety-provoking worry, you just need to choose the corresponding shapewear,  such as tummy control body shaper panties or full-body control shapewear bodysuit, or backless shapewear bodysuit hidden under a beautiful dress ......  Choose the effect you want, then wear them and show yourself off with confidence.  It's that simple. 




As we can see from the history of shapewear, it is the best choice to trim the curves of the body when people cannot abandon their need for beauty, and that is why shapewear has lasted for ages. 


Now, through the continuous advancement of textile technology in high technology, it has become more in line with the needs of the human body.  People no longer need to sacrifice comfort and health to achieve beauty and fashion.  High-tech textile technology has made shapewear light, soft, and breathable as well as comfortable. 




Therefore, when people choose comfortable shapewear and wear it sensibly, shapewear is just a functional garment that does not harm the body and is a secret weapon that can help people add confidence on various occasions. 




There is nothing wrong with loving beauty, just choosing what does not hurt your body is a good wearing choice. 


With the long history of shapewear, we can see that giving up the pursuit of beauty is unrealistic, so the existence of shapewear is a product that responds to demand.  Just like bras and panties, they are derivatives to aid in the demand.  When the day comes when people can feel comfortable without underwear, they are bound to die out.  But it has been proven over the long years that wearing the right underwear makes people more comfortable, which is why underwear has been invented to this day to be very popular and revered as a must-have. 




This is also the philosophy that FRANATO underwear has been upholding, to make healthy and comfortable underwear, to make products that can solve the needs of customers.  Not only to make the body feel comfortable, but also to have the functionality that can solve the needs, FRANANTO shapewear has always been designed to be comfortable, breathable, and highly elastic, in pursuit of healthy beauty and natural & comfortable fashion. 




Believe in FRANANTO, believe in your choice.

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