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Do You Wear a Thong to Workout in Yoga Pants?

Do you wear a thong to workout in yoga pants?

Do You Wear a Thong to Workout in Yoga Pants? 1

Yes i always wear underwear when wearing yoga pants, otherwise i feel strange also. I wear thongs so that their is not a visible line of my underwear showing


What kind of underwear to wear for yoga pants?

just regular underwear girl

Do You Wear a Thong to Workout in Yoga Pants? 2


When did the tight yoga pants thing start?

Who Invented Yoga Pants


Yoga pants and period help?

I would do a forward bend with my back to the mirror and then look between my legs to see if you can see it. It would show in that pose if it shows at all. I am a yoga teacher and get to see the color of people's underwear shine through once the pants start getting a little thin on the bottom. Especially in forward bend and child's pose. I would double check.


GUYS: panty lines in yoga pants?

Some guys will REALLY like it. Guys will think alot lol.... Do not wear that again if you do not want to be seen as a horrible person


Is it okay for me to wear yoga pants out in public?

It depends on what you are going out to do and what you wear with it. If you are just running errands or something, I see no problem with that. I have actually had to leave the gym and run to Walmart or something wearing yoga pants. However, for a day out at the mall or hanging out with friends, I would have to say no.


What is it like to wear yoga pants/leggings?

I am a 15 year old guy and they are really comfortable. I really want to get a pair of my own


What to wear with hollister yoga pants?

either a t-shirt, or an off-the-shoulder tee


are the forever 21 yoga pants any good?

you need to ask back & tell her this is because you have panty strains. i've got been wearing thongs because i ought to endure in techniques. lol this is purely a undies. yet some women do no longer placed on any undies. once you are tender with that. additionally in case you pass to purple/Victoriassecret & purchase their Yoga undies it extremely is made for yoga pants & it wo not practice


How much cleavage can I show on a first date? Also can I wear yoga pants? Or swears or skinny jeans?

A little cleavage and no yoga pants. If you wear yoga pants not doing exercise that means that you will appear slutty.


What to wear with Hollister yoga pants?

tight grey t shirt would look nice.i love yoga pants they look good with everything. answer mine plz.


Why do girls wear yoga pants?

They wear them to show off their behinds and camel toes. Obviously it works if you are getting erected


guys wearing yoga pants or leggins.?

I wear spandex leggings for running, I get some cross-eyed stares sometimes. Not every girl wants to look at every contour of a guys body. You should wear those instead of yoga pants. But yes, having confidence and be yourself


Question about yoga pants and being on my period?

Rebecca, sweetie, of course that you could wear yoga pants without panties! Thats how they were made to be worn. But if you want to wear them with a maxi pad whilst youre to your peroid, that may be a little uncomfortable. Are trying em on without undies and spot the way it feels first.


What looks really cute with yoga pants?

I wear yoga pants on my "comfy days" to school. I usually match it with a PINK or Hollister hoodie or sweater/cardigan. But if it's not cold enough to wear a hoodie, I would wear a relaxed v-neck or some other tee shirt. For shoes, you can wear UGGs or other fuzzy booties (if it's cold out) or you can wear flip flops with them!


Are wearing yoga pants to school a bad idea?

noooo its just like wearing leggings


What is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?

I guess it would be about the texture of the clothes and the flexibility of the pants itself


What's sexier Jeans or Yoga pants?

Wear whichever ones are edible


what do you ware with yoga pants?

wen you wear yoga pants, you can not really wear anything to make it look not lazy. i never wear them unless i am actually working out! but your best bet, if you must wear them otherwise, would be a fitted ribbed tank top in a different color from the pants

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