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Is It Considered 'slutty' to Wear Yoga Pants?

Is it considered 'slutty' to wear yoga pants?

Is It Considered 'slutty' to Wear Yoga Pants? 1

Usually if a girl wears clothes that leaves little to the imagination or are just super tight, then I tend to think they are doing it because they are acting slutty. I am a guy. Every now and then is okay. Just not all the time


What should I wear with yoga pants?

Long sleeve white or colored shirt. Or short sleeve. Throw a cute zip up over it and wear it with tennis shoes or Uggs or some type of cute boot

Is It Considered 'slutty' to Wear Yoga Pants? 2


What shirt to wear with these yoga pants?

"final week I have been given those black yoga pants with a blue zebra print fold. i became thinking approximately wearing a white v neck and a blue headscarf? With my Uggs or ugg moccasins?" that would not basically sound ok, sounds darned stunning hella cool and engaging


What kind of underwear to wear for yoga pants?

I wear underwear that has like lace on the side of it. It works the best for me


Question for ladies who wear yoga pants?

sooo comfy


Should I wear yoga pants to school?

Yes but I would stick to slightly looser fitting flare leg style. Yoga pants fit tight regardless but they do not have to be skin tight. You are probably going to have pantylines though. If your teacher is okay with that then you should be fine. Otherwise a thong will be needed


Where are the best places to get yoga pants and leggings?

victora's secrets pink sells more than areo


Do you agree that yoga pants are slutty?

yeah i so agree! i used to want them then my mom broke it to me and she was like "they look like sluts, and you do not have to be like them" and i definitely realize that now!


where can i get yoga pants in canada?

Practically any store that sells clothing will have yoga pants. My personal favourites are from Marks Work Warehouse and Lulu Lemon


If i wear yoga pants with uggs..?

A11 is right they do


Why do guys stare at a girl butt when she wears yoga pants?

Lol. It's because yoga pants show the natural curve of your body


Why Yoga Pants Are The Pants Worth Wearing

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What to wear with navy blue yoga pants?

A white t shirt may do, or even a soft gray would go fabuously with those!:)


What's your view on yoga pants ?

First off NEVER with Ugg boots. Wear them with tennis or yoga shoes. long yoga pants are just fine when running quick errands, and occasionally to class. Shorter yoga pants ONLY when working out or actually doing yoga. also the long yoga pants without the flare look really strange by themselves they are only to be worn as an under layer when it's very cold.


info on so low yoga pants?

I think so lows and hard tails are the same. And about the size think they might fit because I had a friend who was about your size and they fit her. They might be kinda long if your not too tall but you can always tuck them into ugg boots or have them hemmed. I would suggest googling as the bestway to find good deals.

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