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Is Wearing Yoga Pants When on Your Period Bad?

Is wearing yoga pants when on your period bad?

Is Wearing Yoga Pants When on Your Period Bad? 1

tampons and yoga pants with a thong


What kind of underwear should I wear with yoga pants?

Depends on what your a ss looks like. If you have a squishy, cellulite a ss do not bother wearing yoga pants at all. If you have a tight and firm a ss no underware or a thong is best. Oh, and if you are not going to yoga, at yoga or coming back from yoga, wearing yoga pants is SUPER LAME.

Is Wearing Yoga Pants When on Your Period Bad? 2


Is it just me or are yoga pants slutty?

100% DIS-agree. Some girls use it for attention, and some girls (like me.!!!) use them for comfort! They are not slurry either! Only if your using them like that!


If i wear yoga pants with uggs..?

wear a tight tshirt . ?


Do girls wear yoga pants on purpose?

sounds like you've found the class slut. to answer that last bit I would say yes, because she is a slut


Do you wear panties under yoga pants?

Yes, I always wear panties with yoga pants. I usually wear yoga pants or leggings daily, especially on my hour long commute to work. I change to work pants when I get there and would never wear work pants without underwear. I do not wear any particular style panties with my yoga pants. I do not care about pantylines so some days it's bikinis or could be hiphuggers or yes, the occasional thong. I am very random when picking panties for the day. Just reach in the drawer and put on whatever is on top.Do you wear panties under yoga pants?


Should i get jeans or yoga pants?!?

if you cant decide then buy those strechy jeans look like jeans but they are also like yoga pants


What u think about girls who wear yoga pants errrday?

You have to watch out for them. Very deceiving


I have a question about yoga pants!?

Yoga pants are the new sweats; you can wear them pretty much anywhere :]


are yoga pants good for traveling on long plane rides?

Pretend that you are going to be sitting at home in a chair for 9 1/2 hours (like watching a really long movie, or a TV show marathon), and wear whatever you think would be comfortable for that. For long flights, my favorite is to wear a t-shirt and pajama pants, which I think are soft, comfortable, and neither too hot nor too cold. Sweat pants or yoga pants can be good too if you make sure they are breathable. I would not wear anything too tight, or you will be uncomfortable. Or anything too thick (like fleece), or you will be too hot. On a plane, if you feel chilly, you can always get under a blanket, but if you feel too hot, there wo not be much you can do. There's a little A/C nozzle above your head but even if you open it all the way, it wo not make a lot of difference if your neighbors' nozzles are closed.


Yoga pants or shorts for first date? (w/ pics)?



What shoes look right with yoga pants?

For casual wear, I wear flared yoga pants with tennies and flip flops. You can also wear them with moccasins, vans, Toms and ballet flats for dressing up. I do not think boots would work very well. For wearing to work, I wear heels with my yoga pants because they are plenty long enough.


Would it be weird to wear coverse with yoga pants?

i wear my chucks with yoga pants all the time , i think it looks fine


Yoga Pants w/o undies?? girls!!?

Just wear your normal underwear. Who cares if they can see your panty lines through your yoga pants, everyone wears undies. and what if they rip by total accident? lol seriously though, it really does not matter if your underwear lines show. :).


What do you wear with yoga pants?

Do you want to wear yoga pants, for your yoga time. Still Sassy Sister provides lots of collection. check it out


Question about yoga pants (for girls)?

Maybe buy a size smaller?


Where can I get yoga pants?

Hey,At Blue Banyan we sell top quality products including yoga pants. check it out atYoga Clothing .

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