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Why Do Guys Like Yoga Pants..?

why do guys like yoga pants..?

Why Do Guys Like Yoga Pants..? 1

'cause they are cool i guess


If i wear yoga pants with uggs..?

I would say a white long sleeve V-Neck. They go great with everything :)

Why Do Guys Like Yoga Pants..? 2


Can a girl that is a size 22 wear yoga pants?

You are beautiful no matter what size you are. If you want to wear yoga pants, then you should. However, I am also a big girl, and the only thing that I worry about is making sure the yoga pants are not see-through. Other than that, you should wear what ever you want! :)


Wearing yoga pants to school?

I think it looks cute and comfortable, and I always think to myself: I should get some yoga pants! Then I never do


Can you wear a pad with yoga pants (period)?

It will be fine, just make sure the package of pads you buy says "Ultra thin" and not "maxi", a maxi pad may show through yoga pants


Do tight/yoga pants make me come across as slutty?

Not at all. In my opinion yoga pants and tights are some of the best clothing out there for women of a skinny-slightly chubby size. Wearing yoga pants and tights have great benefits when working out. Because they are tighter fitting you can be more flexible. They also accentuate the female figure more than most types of female clothing while at the same time not actually revealing anything.


What to wear with yoga pants to school?

a white top and a jacket around your shoulders will look cute. as for the shoes all stars can do it. as well as toms or simple flats


Panty Lines /w Yoga Pants?

Yeah, that's really tacky. If you are not going to wear a thong, then do not wear yoga pants. Nobody wants to see your panty lines


What kind of underwear to wear for yoga pants?

lol people say thongs but I think they sell no show panties/undies whatever you call them


Does anyone know where I can get yoga pants/sweats with nurse printed on the butt???

you could make your own. purchase a pair of yoga pants and get iron-on decals from the local craft shop. or you could try a place like, they will customize yoga pants for you, among other things like shirts, bags, etc.


My wife is pregnant now. Is this yoga pants comfortable for her to wear?

Yoga pants are indeed quite comfy, and there are some companies that make yoga pants that look like work pants. When she starts getting a belly, though, she will probably want to buy some maternity pants/skirts. They are cut to fit an expanding belly. I started buying maternity pants around 19-20 weeks when the biggest of my jeans just were not cutting it anymore, even unbuttoned and with a belly band


How is wearing yoga pants a sin in the Bible?

It is not to my knowledge


Do any girls on here like guys in yoga pants ;)?

I dont even know what yoga pants are man but it sounds homo


Can / Should guys wear yoga pants and tights?

Yes. If they choose it


Heels and yoga pants? (pics attached)?

Do not wear them together yoga pants and heels are two things that dont mix. they will draw alot of attention to you


What can I wear with yoga pants?

Are not they for Yoga? Anyway, they sell matching hoodies and I think just any shirt that matches in some way - like a vicky pink shirt? and some sneakers or flip flops


What exactly are yoga pants?

They are a long pant, loose fitting, lightweight, and usually with a drawstring waist. Land's End has some great ones


How to wear yoga pants with no underwear line or thong?

the most effective way to accomplish this is to wear nothing under yoga pants. the next best thing is to go to victoria's secrets and buy some seamless underwear


What's the difference between spandex and yoga pants?

Well my new pet pieve is people use "yoga pants" as a generic name for spandex workout tights, leggings, bootcut tights, and yoga clothing thats baggy to fitted etc


Are yoga pants still a thing?

In fact, yoga pants are just the thing! Since the last few years, athleisure has hit the market for good and made so much more comfortable yet fashionable outfits that the crowd loves it.Yoga Pants are a prime example of athleisure, and the simplest way you can understand that is because you can wear it both at home and outside while doing various activities such as yoga, gym etc.Yoga pants started hitting the fashion scale from around the middle of 2016 when various celebrities used to wear these while going for pilates and all. Since then, yoga pants became the go-to alternative to leggings or track pants, because of its comfortable material as well as the fashionable side. It was so much better than track pants because the wide pants became too distracting while doing exercises.There has not yet come any alternative to yoga pants, which is why itu2019s still a thing. So, if you want to wear a pair to your next pilates class, then feel free!

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